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STORY THOUGHT . . . And the reason is . . .

The reason is . . .Practise using the phrase “the reason why this is so important, “or applicable, “or relevant”. Incorporate this component of your story, in every meeting.

This will give people a reason to buy into your story.

More story tips to follow.


Pitching is all to do with people. Every person should take care of his or her personal brand. Whether we be ROCK START or WALLFLOWER stewardship of your personal brand is a good thing.

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Yes, but will they remember?

With some much of attention in presentation development being focused on impact and story telling and delivery skills building communication for memorability might be missed. Art Markman Professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin gives us some great advice in his HBR article Getting an Audience to Remember Your Presentation* Your presentation might be about getting people to recall later (explicit memory) what you said or encourage people learn a skill (enabled by procedural memory). Most of the time we want to influence the explicit memory.

A few things therefore to help people remember.1369847707_4085_memory

  1. Right sequence.  The first things said are best remembered, and those towards the end. So don’t bury the recommendation/central idea somewhere in the middle.
  1. Make connections. Making links between your key points increases the amount of information people can recall from what you presented: So, lots of verbal and graphic sign-posting please.
  1. Make ‘em work. Try things like letting  your audience to vote for alternatives, make bets on what might work best or encourage them to summarise the message for themselves. Lest they forget. These approaches will maximise your influence as well as your impact.


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Consistency in New Business

One of the publishing delights this year was Pensieri by Nicholas Bate As with all his books I devour the contents and see the thinking in the context of new business. This page about being consistent struck home especially because people who win a lot of new business are totally consistent.

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Nicholas’ books are on Amazon and there is a lot of inspiratioScan 54nal pieces free on his website.