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The Phone Coach – a new service

Tim Baynes is now offering his extensive knowledge and the ‘Say it in 7’ techniques in a convenient and quick over the phone service – The Phone Coach. Tim will deliver the same level of expertise and practical advice but in a new easy to access format. Tim will first review the presentation, analyse and evaluate it and then arrange a phone call to discuss feedback and ideas answering any other questions you may have.Phone Coach

The aim of The Phone Coach is to enable you and your presentation to connect with your audience better by making the content clear and compelling. The Phone Coach will remedy the structure; advise on content and help craft your messages to be as persuasive as possible.

The Phone Coach, aka Tim Baynes, is a qualified pitch doctor and has been running successful training programs for over 20 years for a number of prestigious clients including Google, the BBC, Mail Online, Microsoft and Spotify. How it works:

Step one – send your presentation to The Phone Coach

Step two – The Phone Coach reviews the presentation extensively and will note recommendations for improvement

Step three – a one-hour phone call with The Phone Coach to discuss the evaluation and feedback


If you want more time or input, or even a face-to-face consultation, this can be arranged. Costs: £500 + VAT (no VAT applied outside the UK)



  1. Go to download and complete a coversheet to include your contact details and a couple important questions about your presentation.
  2. Return the form to me at with the presentation and two dates when you can do a Skype call with me.
  3. Send £500 to the PayPal account:
  4. Tim will confirm receipt and acceptance of timings by return.


Say it in 7 – Realising Ambition

Another exciting piece on the Talking Rugby Union site, extract:

Say it in 7 founder Tim Baynes uses a pitch scenario to describe how best to showcase your skills to gain the desired result: To win must consider these three points, and they will take you along the road to success.

– See more at

The Run up to Rio

Great to be working with Talking Rugby Union the place for all the latest rugby news, photo, videos The Rugby Championship, 7s and Leagues from around the world.

UnknownIn the run up to Rio Rugby 7s A series of articles shows how the world of sport and business are in sync when running a pitch or running on to one!  First story here – six more to come in the build up to Rio.

And all  rugby is hereUnknown

STORY THOUGHT . . . And the reason is . . .

The reason is . . .Practise using the phrase “the reason why this is so important, “or applicable, “or relevant”. Incorporate this component of your story, in every meeting.

This will give people a reason to buy into your story.

More story tips to follow.