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Prep for Meetings – Yes, its checklist central . . .

Again, with the same team, our thoughts turned to overall meeting preparation, and again the list is longer than we think!

  1. Personalised PowerPoint – Have you? Aside from adding their logo and changing the date
  2. Case studies included and are relevant
  3. Anecdote: What personal stories can you tell
  4. What will you teach them in the meeting?
  5. Metrics – because aside from stories people take numbers away from the meeting
  6. Investment analysis – how is this company doing?
  7. Right audience in the room – are you sure?preparation
  8. Industry – how is their sector doing?
  9. Competitors – how are their competitors doing?
  10. LinkedIn – and try not to leave it to the last minute
  11. Research individuals – see #11
  12. Facebook – might as well see #7
  13. LinkedIn – Connections
  14. Roles – who on our team is doing what?
  15. Three run throughs please, if the meeting is that important
  16. Right resources
  17. Run through your demo in live mode – if you have one
  18. Salesforce what is the company’s entry
  19. Lockdown 48 hours prior. Meaning the presentation is ready 48 hour before the meeting, it is agreed and no content needs to be changed and so the only thing we do is rehearse this

Anything to add?  Contributors will receive a free copy of 22 Questions: How to win more business


Tech Check – get ready for that meeting

I was working with a team the other day and the conversation turned to technology mess-ups in meetings and how disruptive this is.

  1. OK, I said what do you need to check? Here is what we came up with:
  2. Wi-Fi – will there be a connection in the room?
  3. Cables – do you have all your leads?
  4. Dongles for your mobile Wi-Fi
  5. Beamer Projector – will they have one?
  6. Thumb Drive with spare copy of my presentation
  7. Take a Backup PC – if the meeting is that importantteck prep
  8. Battery Charger and is your battery charged!
  9. Giveaways for the delegates? Sweeteners and leave-behinds
  10. Clean Desktop – move all the icons off the desktop into one folder
  11. Skype and other alerts on your PC turned off.
  12. Browser Bar clean and tidy if you are doing a demo
  13. Clickers and mice to hand and with fresh batteries
  14. Software malware checked – if needs by
  15. Water – (for your body technology)

Anything to add?  Contributors will receive a free copy of 22 Questions: How to win more business


Storytelling was all the rage in Cannes 2014. McCann Worldgroup brought together Gareth Neame Producer of Downton Abbey, Suk Park, Co-founder and Co-CEO at Drama Fever
, Steven Moffat creator of Doctor Who and Sherlock, Gale Anne Hurd the producer of The Walking Dead

The ad man on stage was
 Rob Reilly, Global Creative Chairman, McCann Worldgroup.

With TV shows flowing around the world how and why do some story ideas spread like wildfire Sherlock, Dr Who and The Walking Dead? Can Brands learn anything from this?


Rob Reilly’s: Asking the right questions

TV hits put a swagger in your step yet Mr. Moffat and Mr. Neame provided no explanation for success (aside from ‘British-ness’ and ‘costume dramas are a perennial favourite’)


It was the ad guy Rob Reilly who provided useful advice that we can use: Two (dramatic) questions:

1) What the role you want your brand to play in people’s lives?

2) What tension might this release?

Why ideas travel? and Why are some TV shows are hits? these questions remain unanswered? Yet the Truth is still well told at McCann with Rob Reilly’s 2 great questions.

At McCann: the meaning of Truth:)

At McCann: the meaning of Truth:)


Colleague Marc Cox Founder at  thecompanyspirit talks about the business case for love! The perfect storm is when personal and company values align. He cities Google as a great example!  Having worked with  two great Google’rs, David Benson and Kelsey Price  in the Cannes Young Lions Media Academy last week Marc brings the magic of Google back to life in his article. The full article is here http://bit.ly/TpdJAN.

When pitching or presenting the Business Case for Love should be part of your story.

pink heart

Include the business case for love


Cannes Young Lions Media Academy – Great Stories and Presentations

Among the big hits from last year, Nick Law Global CCO R/GS and Sacha Savic CEO Mediacom US are confirmed to be part of our week. The Brief for the Week (keeping it surprise) will give our delegate lots to work on. We have Laura Desmond SMG The whole week hangs off a brilliant framework, which we will unpack for Media Academy Delegates just before they leave for Cannes. The Media Academy: Its gonna be Big.

Great Presentations coming to Cannes -  Can they say it in 7

Great Presentations coming to Cannes – Can they say it in 7?