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Prep for Meetings – Yes, its checklist central . . .

Again, with the same team, our thoughts turned to overall meeting preparation, and again the list is longer than we think!

  1. Personalised PowerPoint – Have you? Aside from adding their logo and changing the date
  2. Case studies included and are relevant
  3. Anecdote: What personal stories can you tell
  4. What will you teach them in the meeting?
  5. Metrics – because aside from stories people take numbers away from the meeting
  6. Investment analysis – how is this company doing?
  7. Right audience in the room – are you sure?preparation
  8. Industry – how is their sector doing?
  9. Competitors – how are their competitors doing?
  10. LinkedIn – and try not to leave it to the last minute
  11. Research individuals – see #11
  12. Facebook – might as well see #7
  13. LinkedIn – Connections
  14. Roles – who on our team is doing what?
  15. Three run throughs please, if the meeting is that important
  16. Right resources
  17. Run through your demo in live mode – if you have one
  18. Salesforce what is the company’s entry
  19. Lockdown 48 hours prior. Meaning the presentation is ready 48 hour before the meeting, it is agreed and no content needs to be changed and so the only thing we do is rehearse this

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Tech Check – get ready for that meeting

I was working with a team the other day and the conversation turned to technology mess-ups in meetings and how disruptive this is.

  1. OK, I said what do you need to check? Here is what we came up with:
  2. Wi-Fi – will there be a connection in the room?
  3. Cables – do you have all your leads?
  4. Dongles for your mobile Wi-Fi
  5. Beamer Projector – will they have one?
  6. Thumb Drive with spare copy of my presentation
  7. Take a Backup PC – if the meeting is that importantteck prep
  8. Battery Charger and is your battery charged!
  9. Giveaways for the delegates? Sweeteners and leave-behinds
  10. Clean Desktop – move all the icons off the desktop into one folder
  11. Skype and other alerts on your PC turned off.
  12. Browser Bar clean and tidy if you are doing a demo
  13. Clickers and mice to hand and with fresh batteries
  14. Software malware checked – if needs by
  15. Water – (for your body technology)

Anything to add?  Contributors will receive a free copy of 22 Questions: How to win more business


A BIG THANK YOU to contributors Anita Payne, David Harris, gi-solutions group, Jack Manzoor, James Deveraux, Jason Dawes, Karl Knights, Katy Garner Foy, Marc Bresseel, Marc Cox, Martin Cowgill, Martin Hummel, Neil Robinson, Pete Hanford, Peter Farfaras, Raconteur Media, Simon Marquis, Tim Greatrex, Tom Bowman and Tom George.                                             PITCH TIPS 2014 Index   pdf

The home of 40 exciting ideas about winning business

The home of 40 exciting ideas about winning business


Jimmy C mentioned in a recent mail – pitch tip would be the following prep work before the meeting.

prep prior

Jimmy C says “Find out first . . .”

Find out everything you can about the attendees on the client side, which is public information, for example, on LinkedIn or corporate websites. It would be helpful to know which companies they worked for before, which can also give clues to whether they will like your idea or not and how to present your idea in the best way.

Find out everything you can about the company: Wikipedia may not be all verified information, but it gives clues to what other people might think of the company. The “criticisms & controversies” section on Wikipedia can sometimes be quite insightful.

This sounds cliché, but if the client did not give you clear objectives of the project before the meeting, it would be good to deduce the objectives from points 1 and 2 above.

James Chue is the Account Director at CNBC covering Japan, Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand –  More CNBC http://www.cnbc.com/id/19832390  More on James http://linkd.in/1IOLNMO


Martin Cowgill, Director, Global Partnerships – Yahoo!

five minutes in

Martin’s advice – focus on the first five minutes.

Martin advises ” Instead of going straight into your pitch, focus your first five minutes on getting to know whom you are presenting. Whilst setting up or waiting for everyone to settle, ask some general questions to find out a few things that you may have in common with them. Finding common ground can go along way to them paying closer attention to what you have to say and eventually buying in to what you are pitching.           More on Martin http://linkd.in/1qM80VL


don't assumeJames Devereux is Senior Propositions Manager at Aviva and advice comes from being on the receiving end of a pitch (and giving a fair few too)

  1. Don’t assume that the company office where you are pitching has the same equipment as your own office – check Wi-Fi, projector, room setting etc. Also always try and have a back up if you need to show video content/demos.
  2. Don’t forget to follow-up on all requests for further information, quickly – the client shouldn’t have to chase!
  3. Don’t assume you know the audience – try and find out their backgrounds and what aspects of the pitch individuals may want to dig a bit deeper into
  4. Don’t go in unprepared/unrehearsed as it really shows – plus keep to your timings
  5. Be articulate, concise and look the part. Avoid starting every sentence with ‘like’ and finishing it with ‘stuff’!  Jump to more on James here http://bit.ly/sayitin7


Jason Dawes, Managing Partner, BWM+Naked, Dubai, UAE offers this counsel on straying from the script.

Domestic pitches and International pitches are greatly differing beasts. I’ve seen many International pitches where certain members of the team have, often through nerves, wandered off on a locally interesting and potentially amusing direction, the result being a complete disaster, with fellow pitchers getting irate and client audiences progressively confused as to where this local nugget of wisdom or folklore may have come from.

Try and stick to the (hopefully rehearsed) script

Jason: Try and stick to the (hopefully rehearsed) script

The learning being that what may seem locally insightful and relevant can in many cases be internationally bizarre and irrelevant.

Try and stick to the (hopefully rehearsed) script if you can in these situations.”

More on Jason http://bit.ly/1F5sjP8

Pitch Tip 17: Show some enthusiasm!

Super Monday Special

I have been lucky enough to work with Katy Woodward (nee Garner-Foy) in Cannes, 2013 and this year. I am not surprise this pHD all star

emerso_enthusiasm approaches the pitch from this perspective . . .

“ENTHUSIASM IS INFECTIOUS” – It was one of our generation’s greatest performance experts and entertainers (Eddie Izzard) who said, “it’s only 10% about what you say” (the other 80% being how you say it and how you look).

The point being that if you clearly demonstrate your enthusiasm, it’s very likely that others will find you compelling – even if they don’t necessarily completely agree with you. We are innately programmed to ‘catch’ other people’s emotions.

Researchers have observed people unconsciously mimic the emotions of others in multiple studies over hundreds of years, in many cases this actually makes them feel the same way simply by exposure. So, embody the emotions you want your audience to feel and they will be powerless to resist. In this way, demonstrating passion will inspire enthusiasm, breed respect and foster valued alliances.

Phew! (Ed) find out more on Katy right here


Just right for a Friday

TOM GEORGE SAYS AIM FOR THE FINAL FINAL FINAL VERSION   Remember that less is more.  Don’t overload your charts with your voiceover (that’s a common trap that people fall into) and don’t forget that It’s harder to produce a sixty page deck than a hundred page deck but in almost all cases, a refined and simplified shorter deck will always be more compelling than a longer one.  We always know when we’ve achieved this when our final deck is called something like ‘Final Final Master version 27d’….

Tom George MEC Chairman UK and Northern Europe EMEA  more here