It’s nice to hear an Agency CEO be clear about why they are winning business

Here is what I heard at a conference last week. (My builds are in italics)

  1. We win at every stage (this points to a strategy for getting to multiple touchpoints within the client’s organisation)
  2. We are obsessive about being brilliant (checking every slide and always thinking you can make each one better)
  3. Being uplifting, delighting clients (This is about rapport and using the ‘positive climate’ you create to surprise a prospect)
  4. A belief that clients have a right to growth (this is a great mind-set from which deliver stunning ideas)
  5. People by people (people buy from people they like, people like them and people who look like they should be selling what they are selling)

Great thoughts, which were delivered with warmth and modesty (in the audience we had the feeling that his teams were focused and purposeful)



“Great session. Three new, easy to use tools:

  1. Ways of articulating our offer
  2. Ways of thinking about decision makers
  3. Ways of getting our story/ pitch across succinctly and with Impact!

Looking forward to putting them into action. Peter

“Working with us, training in negotiating and presenting in the UK helped us achieve £5 million of additional operating income this year. Your coaching with Bernard and Lorenzo help them achieve an additional $1.5m a year in profit and saved me a $200,000 restructuring cost.

“How are you? Hope all’s well over at your end.  We have Nick with us in Singapore today and I’m reminded of the training you gave us a few months back.

 “I just want to tell you that we had applied the strategies and processes to a recent existing business and retained it!   So I want to say a big thank you for this. Of course, we will continue to use it and get better at it.

“This course has already improved my presentation skills as we speak. It is definitely the most helpful training I’ve received by far here at Google because it was actionable.”


“Tim – Just wanted to thank you for such a great session today. You were absolutely terrific at leading the session and you showed a really impressive understanding of what we do and how we can move forward….

SAY IT IN 7 MAKES IMPACT  – 7 stories

BUILDING BUSINESS  “Thanks for a great session. Using the approach Jenny and I met with Tesco Mobile last week. The session ended, with the door being open for another conversation with them, about additional work (which was the goal for the meeting). Thanks for empowering me to move forward with this!

OPENING OPPORTUNITIES “Brook Just got an email from Virgin Trains agency saying that her presentation was brilliant – one of the best they have seen in a while. They are pitching it to their client in 2 weeks and forwarded it onto another colleague contact because they have a similar brief.

PASSING IT ON THE COLLEAGUES  “Thank you for a fantastic 2-day set. I got nothing but extremely positive feedback from our TAM’s in regards to the training, and I’m looking forwards to seeing whether some of the things you went through get incorporated into their daily lives. I know they will go into mine. Thank you also for the two extra workbooks, those will become handy as I train with Sari (and Finnish team) J.

ENJOYING THE JOURNEY “I sent you this email to thank you, also on behalf of Caroline, for the opportunity you gave us to work on our sales pitch during the past three days. We enjoyed it, and we will start today practising what we have learned. Looking forward to a great and successful 2015.

FAST RESULTS  “I’ve got some news about the “Pitch” we did around my customer.

Low and behold I contacted the Simon the MD with basically the same pitch we constructed. He wants to do something for the World Cup.  His idea is a “Magazine”. His aim is to conduct an acquisition plus growth to existing customer campaign.  I honestly can’t believe it that this went from idea – pitch – agreement in such a short space of time, what is it 2 days?

MESHING WITH OTHER PROGRAMS  “You brought sales academy and the research to life, knitting the two together to help us sell in a memorable, non-complex way. Thoroughly enjoyed the interactive sessions: elevator pitch, role plays and the pitch which were done in such a way it didn’t make anyone feel silly or pressurised and we all learnt from each other.!

BEING CLEAR  “I had great success using your presentation approach in Argentina recently – was given the toughest slot, last in the day at 5:30p – was translated from English to Spanish on the fly – great success.  Several told me it was best of the day. The format you’ve provided has helped keep me on the message.

Action Learning!

A great note from colleague Oliver, just before the Christmas break..

“I hope you’re well. It’s Oliver here from Passion Digital (we took your presentation training a few weeks ago). I wanted to get in touch as we had an important pitch for a big client last week. I tried to implement a lot of techniques you taught us, particularly ‘load, aim, shoot’ and afterwards got a lot of good feedback from more senior people in the business saying my presentation style has drastically improved since your training.

We haven’t heard back from the client yet but we are all hopeful following the strong pitch. Just wanted to say thanks again for the session and let you know that the tangible results are already being seen! Also, feel free to quote me in any marketing messaging if you do that sort of thing.Have a lovely Christmas.

Oliver – thank you and happy 2019 



9 lessons in communication for Medical Consultants

Watching them at work and taking notes

I was in hospital in South Wales, the Morriston Coronary Care Unit undergoing a series of tests and observations across 11 days.

I returned home fitter and more ease.

Watching, each day, the consultants on my ward communicate to colleagues and patients was remarkable opportunity to see and hear some of the most professional people on this planet.

In fact very nurse, every doctor and every other person on the wards who contribute so much, was a remarkable experience.

7 things we can learn from Nurses

Watching and taking notes of these wonderful people

This August I was in hospital in South Wales: Morriston Coronary Care Unit undergoing a series of tests and observations across 11 days.

Aside from returning home fitter and more at ease, that time was a remarkable opportunity to see and hear some of the most professional people on this planet.

Every nurse, every doctor and every other person on the wards, who contribute so much, was a complete delight.

TB September 2018

Reading to forget – Questioning to remember

William Cho’s article in Medium makes some telling points about recalling and applying what we read. The same points can be made about TRAINING!

As the training guy helping people to pitch their business ideas. His points about learning through questions, piece by piece is a BIG message for those like me who deliver training:  How can we turn our magic into summarised questions at the end of a module or a day’s session so the delegates in our program really get it!


Thank you William

The Ten Truths

This is a presentation and conversation that I have had with a number of clients across the years. I am dusting it off and bringing it back into the foreground for 2018. Some of the points are obvious yet the obvious gets overlooked in the  heat of battle.

Some of the points are provocative and provocation is sometime the only way to win.

Here is your link to the PDF

If you want to discuss any of the ideas here to turn the whole piece into a team game or seminar let me know and we can easily arrange to make it so.

Questions, often without warning

Q: “Sniper Control” How do we handle those questions or statements that come at anytime often without warning in our meeting?

1 Apply the advice in ‘Handling Q&A’ and ask the person a question back, for example “Before I answer, what is behind your question?”  Questions give you control.

2 Ensure you have accommodated all the political opinions in the room and if you think a question will arise that will stump you, ask a colleague for advice before you leave for the meeting.

Q: Presenting without PowerPoint, Can we?    A: Yes, especially with creative ideas. Perhaps you can demonstrate what it is you wish to sell or create the idea in front of the meeting on a flip chart? Better still get them to build alongside you – bring a pad of paper and marker pens to the meeting (No batteries, Windows updates or power cables are needed for these techniques)