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A colleague asked me the other day “what areas should we be looking at to determine if we are any good at Pitching:  I suggested five areas for examination:

  1. Looking back on the recent wins, what did the Client say in terms of why you stood out and became special to them?  (The opposite applies where you actually got useful feedback on those pitches you did not win).
  2. How good are you about pre-selling ideas and building rapport from the point of briefing to the point of pitching? (Allowing for the constraints from consultants and procurement teams)
  3. Is there a clear process in place for planning a pitch from the ‘arrival’ of an opportunity to the day of the pitch?
  4. Qualifying an opportunity: is there a friction-free method to determine how easy/difficult is going to be to win a piece of business (and thus where the focus needs to be).
  5. Does a pitch team spend an exhaustive amount of time trying to really understanding what the client really wants and can separate these out from the clients stated needs?