It’s nice to hear an Agency CEO be clear about why they are winning business

Here is what I heard at a conference last week. (My builds are in italics)

  1. We win at every stage (this points to a strategy for getting to multiple touchpoints within the client’s organisation)
  2. We are obsessive about being brilliant (checking every slide and always thinking you can make each one better)
  3. Being uplifting, delighting clients (This is about rapport and using the ‘positive climate’ you create to surprise a prospect)
  4. A belief that clients have a right to growth (this is a great mind-set from which deliver stunning ideas)
  5. People by people (people buy from people they like, people like them and people who look like they should be selling what they are selling)

Great thoughts, which were delivered with warmth and modesty (in the audience we had the feeling that his teams were focused and purposeful)