Program Info

Say it in 7The Say it in 7 workshop provides the skills and practise to plan and create proposals and presentations that are shorter, more customer-focused and therefore more likely to win business.


The one-day program is for a maximum of 10 delegates.



Each delegate must bring a business related idea, work-in-progress, presentation or proposal; so the concepts and skills are applied directly to each person’s work.


We work through seven areas.

  1. We open the session with a very quick facilitation of the challenges around being succinct and customer focused (what gets in the way of creating a seven-slide pitch?).
  2. Who is ‘in the audience’ what’s their style? And what is their agenda? Understanding these two facets is the crucial first step to creating a best-fit case for your solution. 
  3. We are more likely to be ‘best fit’ and win if what we propose relieves the pain or helps your customer realise their ambition. We give you the method to do this.
  4. Say it in 7 is the program centrepiece. Each delegate uses our methodology to create a Say it in 7 for their pitch/proposal/idea.
  5. Persuasive content – we work with a model that underpins ‘why your solution’ with evidence that is appropriate to the people who will make the decision.
  6. Headlines that compel: With fewer slides each slide has to work harder. We go back to basics and reconnect with the essence of our message.
  7. Next Steps: The last slide (slide 7) asks for action. We brainstorm a list of next steps to get a  ‘yes’ rather than a ‘maybe’).

This program is practical and the approach people take away can be readily applied next day.