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Reading to forget – Questioning to remember

William Cho’s article in Medium makes some telling points about recalling and applying what we read. The same points can be made about TRAINING!

As the training guy helping people to pitch their business ideas. His points about learning through questions, piece by piece is a BIG message for those like me who deliver training:  How can we turn our magic into summarised questions at the end of a module or a day’s session so the delegates in our program really get it!


Thank you William


Just right for a Friday

TOM GEORGE SAYS AIM FOR THE FINAL FINAL FINAL VERSION   Remember that less is more.  Don’t overload your charts with your voiceover (that’s a common trap that people fall into) and don’t forget that It’s harder to produce a sixty page deck than a hundred page deck but in almost all cases, a refined and simplified shorter deck will always be more compelling than a longer one.  We always know when we’ve achieved this when our final deck is called something like ‘Final Final Master version 27d’….

Tom George MEC Chairman UK and Northern Europe EMEA  more here