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You aren’t using enough rituals.

A great piece via info@hereforth.com and by Eric Barker at TIME   This excellent article prompts thoughts about using rituals to win new business! © 2015 Time Inc. All rights reserved.

So, below are ideas for NB ritual questions/notes to self

BEFORE your meeting Objectives clearly established? Clear understanding of the Client’s agenda? Anticipation of likely push back from Client’s end?

DURING your meeting  Is the idea, proposal and conversation really tailored to the Client’s agenda? Was the story clear? Was the story persuasive? Were the questions well handled? Did the meeting finish with clear actions and next steps?

Another good ritual? Read all about emerging technologies sensibly applied at http://www.hereforth.com  Once a week the hereforth newsletter appears and is quite brilliant

It really is the Sales Team that moves the dial

for you business

Colleague Dave Lawson over at Ignition1 found this great snippet the other day LINK http://cmo.cm/1BEtVDS

Sales conversations finished nearly 20 percentage points higher than:

  • Product quality/innovation, which rated the second highest.
  • Price and brand reputation ranked lower by even broader margins.
  • These numbers tell us that it’s no exaggeration to say your reps–with their lips moving–are the last bastion of competitive differentiation.