When you HAVE to use someone else’s presentation!

Great advice from Nicholas Bate 

11 Ways to Improve an ‘Assigned’ Presentation

Posted: 14 Aug 2016 12:16 AM PDT

You’ve been given a slide deck and told ‘deliver this’. But it’s pretty awful.

  1. Run through it a couple of times on your own. What’s its natural timing? Where is it awful/clunky/boring?
  2. Replace a slide or two with a story.
  3. Replace a slide or two with a picture.
  4. Replace a slide or two with an interactive exercise.
  5. Now create a powerful start: maybe some startling figures which reveal the depth of the problem.
  6. Now ensure there is a Q&A before
  7. Your powerful summary and
  8. Your call to action: what is it you want the audience to do differently having invested this time with you?
  9. Now read this and this
  10. Repeat 2. Adjust. Deliver. Learn.