“Great session. Three new, easy to use tools:

  1. Ways of articulating our offer
  2. Ways of thinking about decision makers
  3. Ways of getting our story/ pitch across succinctly and with Impact!

Looking forward to putting them into action. Peter

“Working with us, training in negotiating and presenting in the UK helped us achieve £5 million of additional operating income this year. Your coaching with Bernard and Lorenzo help them achieve an additional $1.5m a year in profit and saved me a $200,000 restructuring cost.

“How are you? Hope all’s well over at your end.  We have Nick with us in Singapore today and I’m reminded of the training you gave us a few months back.

 “I just want to tell you that we had applied the strategies and processes to a recent existing business and retained it!   So I want to say a big thank you for this. Of course, we will continue to use it and get better at it.

“This course has already improved my presentation skills as we speak. It is definitely the most helpful training I’ve received by far here at Google because it was actionable.”


“Tim – Just wanted to thank you for such a great session today. You were absolutely terrific at leading the session and you showed a really impressive understanding of what we do and how we can move forward….